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5 Reasons Why Every Pup Parent Should Use DogTV

If you are a #crazydogmom like myself, then you have probably at least heard of DogTV. I found out about DogTV about a year ago and fell in love with it. However, it was still very new and I was having a hard time finding PAWfect videos for my pup. A few weeks ago, after coming home from the dog park I went on YouTube and searched up DogTV. I was blown away but the amount of video options I had! I tried out the sleepy time station for my rambunctious one year old Duke and he was asleep within a matter of minutes.

What is DogTV?

Ok, so what is DogTV? DogTV is a program that animal behaviorists and specialist came up with specifically for, you guessed it, YOUR DOGS! They have literally created a TV channel that is designed to appeal to your pup's and all of their doggo needs.

"Research shows that dog's feel better in the company of television, especially when the right content is on."

I know that my pup Brynlee could watch DogTV all day long. It is the PAWfect babysitter when I leave the house. They have hundreds of different video options that are all split up into 3 categories to appeal to different types of dogs and their needs.

  • Relaxation Portion: These channels are meant to relax and calm your pup. The videos are PAWfect for those pups that have separation anxiety or always seem to have too much energy.

  • Stimulation Portion: These channels are designed to be playful and help keep your pooch from getting bored. This is where the squirrel, bird and little critter channels can be found. This is great for those pups that can cause destruction in the home when left alone for too long.

  • Exposure Portion: These channels have a variety of different videos on subjects that typically make dogs nervous; vacuum cleaners, car rides, busy street noises, etc. This program is designed to gradually get your pooch used to these elements in a safe and controlled environment, ultimately getting your dog accustomed to the sights and sounds. This type of exposure can lessen anxiety within your pup.

So, what are my top 5 reasons every pup parent should be using DogTV?!

  1. It is great mental stimulation for your fur babies! This is especially important for those working dog moms and dads out there who have to leave their pups at home for the majority of the day. I was able to cut down my dog walker from 5 times a week to twice a week simply by leaving DogTV on for my little peanut last year. No more bored pups in my house!

  2. The programs are designed with YOUR pup in mind: There isn't just one kind of channel or program. Any type of dog with any personality can benefit from DogTV. The animal behaviorists have created these programs with your dog's personality and development in mind. They even have channels geared towards "sleepy time" to help your pups fall fast asleep at night.

  3. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from: Since the programs are designed to cater to every type of dog, there are so many different video options to choose from. If you are looking for something to help soothe your new 8 week old Berner pup, they've got just the video. If you need something to keep your bored Husky from destroying the house when you leave for the day, they've got you covered! The options are endless and your pup will be entertained for hours.

  4. It can help ease your anxious/stressed out pup when you leave: This is probably one of the most important reasons. I have met and worked with so many dogs that deal with separation anxiety when their PAWrents leave for the day. These tired pet owners say they have tried everything and I always come back to DogTV. Animal behaviorists have specially designed videos to help your dog cope and relax while you are away. This is SUPER helpful since dogs with separation anxiety can cause major destruction and even harm themselves trying to find a way to relax.

  5. It is FUN and PAWfect for those rainy days: Have you ever had a few days go by where there has been nothing but just rain? Nobody wants a wet pooch in their home. DogTV is the best alternative to going out for a walk in the rain. Your pups minds will be stimulated and they will feel fulfilled for hours by simply watching dogs at the dog park, birds hoping around, ducks swimming and more!

There really are so many benefits to DogTV, the list could go on furever! Put on your furavorite Netflix show for yourself and load up DogTV tonight to watch the magic happen.

Watch below the story of DogTV! There is a ton of great information in here as to why DogTV works and is so great for your pups.

DogTV in action! They can't take their little eyes off of it.


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