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Finding the Right Photographer can be Ruff.

When it comes to your engagement and wedding you want absolutely everything to be purrrfect AND THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE!! So much time and preparation goes into making your wedding day one that you'll never forget. It really is true that a picture is worth a thousand words and that is why SO much importance is placed on picking the perfect photographer for your needs. You are going to be working with together for so many big moments during your wedding journey anywhere from proposals, to engagement photo shoots, to the big day itself.

Choosing a photographer can be a tough decision. "How do I decide who is the best fit for me? There are so many amazing photographers out there, how can I possibly just choose one? I love all of the portfolio pictures!" It can be overwhelming. It's important to keep YOUR needs in mind when choosing a photographer. If you are having an outdoor wedding, be sure to look for a photographer that is a rock star with natural light and knows their stuff about taking photo's outside. If you are choosing to have your pet be a part of your wedding, you want your photographer to be comfortable with pets. Even better, your photographer to LOVE pets!! If there is one thing I know, animals feed off of our energy and they definitely know when someone isn't quite feeling them. That can make your fur baby stressed, anxious, nervous and not want to follow any commands!

It is SO important to have a photographer that know's how to capture pets' individual personalities and Lauren Dobish does just that. I recommend Lauren to ALL of my clients who are in search of a wedding photographer. Not only does she take the most gorgeous photo's but she knows dogs. Lauren was one of the photographers on the rescue pup styled shoot that Jessica Hennessey and I coordinated. She was perfect; knew the right moment to snap a photo, had a squeaker from a dog toy to help get the dogs attention, knew exactly where to position herself and the pup in order to get the best shot and could tell when the pup was getting tired or restless and needed a break.

Not only was she AMAZING during the styled shoot but she was also so patient during the photo session of myself and my pups. Both Duke and Brynlee were being terrors the day of the shoot and Lauren was so calm and relaxed! When Duke refused to follow commands, which sometimes happens when you have a stubborn mule like I do, she just laughed and snapped photo's when he was ready. When Brynlee was crying over a squirrel, Lauren was able to move to a new position to make it seem like Brynlee was excited for the photo instead of the little critter in the tree.

In addition to being so wonderful with my fur babies, she made ME feel comfortable in front of the camera. I found myself laughing the entire time and feeling totally confident because of Lauren! I truly can't think of anyone else that I would recommend to photograph both engagement sessions and weddings for my couples.

If you are engaged or just want to have some PAWsome photo's of your fur baby, do not hesitate to reach out to Lauren! You will have someone who truly understand's what life is like with a pup and give you the most amazing photo's that you can cherish furever :)

Below are some samples of her work from our photo shoot, scroll down to check them out!

Lauren Dobish Photography