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About Danielle and For the Love of Paws

My name is Danielle Marchessault and I am the owner and founder of For the Love of Paws. As wedding season commenced once again, I noticed how many couples did not have their pups at their weddings. I have two amazing fur babies of my own and I simply couldn't imagine my wedding day without them. This led to the birth of For the Love of Paws. I truly feel that having your pet by your side on your wedding day is something magical. For the Love of Paws allows you to have your fur baby by your side without the stress of pet duty for the day. All of the busy work is left to a professional. As a certified dog trainer, I am confident that your pet is in the absolute best care when they are with me and my team.

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Why For the Love of Paws

For the Love of Paws has worked hard on creating a company that people feel comfortable with and can trust. You can rest easy knowing that your pets are in the absolute best care with one of our professionals. They will make sure they are groomed and dressed to the nines for the occasion, prepped and ready for any task is asked of them, fed and watered throughout the entire day and most of all loved and treated like they were their own. Your pets will also receive a full chauffeur service to and from the venue on the day of the wedding.

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